Back to film

My return to film was quite accidental and in hindsight perfectly timed. I had been shooting digital for over 15 years and why not it was better than film, cleaner and sharper. In the beginning it was great. I was riding the digital wave. Every week it seemed a new a more magical camera would come out. Some even had film simulation modes. I worked hard at being the best digital photographer I could be. I studied all the software available. Backed up my photos to multiple hard drives. Spent hours scrolling threw the thousands of images i would seem to shoot every time I went out with my camera. Hours in front of the computer. It was so much fun or was it? It started to wear me down. I made a decision to take a break from photography. Maybe that would re inspire me. So I stopped shooting, I stopped editing, I stopped scrolling and flagging and rating. I just stopped.

Fast forward several month Iā€™m cleaning out an old closet and happen across my old Nikon sitting on a shelf. I took it down, cleaned it off. I was hesitant at first. Were could I find film. I went on line. researched. to my surprise film was alive and well. I bought a few roles and never looked back. Now my digital camera sits on a self some were waiting to be found.