CineStill Double X and DF96 Monobath

Mixed up my first Litre of Cine Still’s DF96 Mono bath last night. Having shot my two rolls of Double X at ISO 800 I mixed up the chemicals using water heated to 90 degrees F. This is the approximate temperature recommended by Cine Still for development at ISO 800. It took less than five minutes to mix and it was ready to use. Pouring the developer into the tank and using constant yet gentle agitation over the four minute time recommended for the first roll in freshly mixed developer. After which a five minute wash completes the process making sure to replace the water in the tank at least five times while washing. And voila the negative’s density looked perfect to my eye and very contrasty (not surprising having shot at ISO 800). Lets see how they scan this weekend.


Back to film

My return to film was quite accidental and in hindsight perfectly timed. I had been shooting digital for over 15 years and why not it was better than film, cleaner and sharper. In the beginning it was great. I was riding the digital wave. Every week it seemed a new a more magical camera would come out. Some even had film simulation modes. I worked hard at being the best digital photographer I could be. I studied all the software available. Backed up my photos to multiple hard drives. Spent hours scrolling threw the thousands of images i would seem to shoot every time I went out with my camera. Hours in front of the computer. It was so much fun or was it? It started to wear me down. I made a decision to take a break from photography. Maybe that would re inspire me. So I stopped shooting, I stopped editing, I stopped scrolling and flagging and rating. I just stopped.

Fast forward several month I’m cleaning out an old closet and happen across my old Nikon sitting on a shelf. I took it down, cleaned it off. I was hesitant at first. Were could I find film. I went on line. researched. to my surprise film was alive and well. I bought a few roles and never looked back. Now my digital camera sits on a self some were waiting to be found.